(Download Mp3) Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Stop

(Download Mp3) Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Stop

It’s been a fruitful time to be a Wiz Khalifa fan, as the affable stoner has essentially opened his vault to the public. Following an onslaught of damn-near-daily freestyles, Wiz has picked up where last week left off with another one. On “Don’t Stop,” Wiz slows his pace down, taking to a flipped variation of Nelly’s “Luven Me” instrumental. And for the most part, the beat is the perfect backdrop for his steady, unchallenging flow; smokers oughta be delighted at this truly “chill” offering.

That said, the man has never been once to push the boundaries, nor should he really compelled to do so. Many have come to appreciate Wiz’s everyman-level charm and appreciation of the finer things, including but not exclusive to: jewelry, beautiful women, and potent marijuana. And given it was his birthday yesterday, you can bet he dabbled in at least two of the three within the last twenty-four hours. Peep this one now, and sound off below – is Wiz killing it these days?

Quotable Lyrics

N***as don’t test cause I give em’ the blues
I’m in love with my music
Try to bust out don’t be comfortable too
Blowing kush where my roof is
That bitch where my room is

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