How To Make Music In Little Alchemy

How To Make Music In Little Alchemy

How Do You Make Music in Little Alchemy?

For a while, there have been confusion and complications about how to make music in Little Alchemy and Little Alchemy 2. People have found it hard to figure out how to combine the different elements in the game to be able to make music in little alchemy.

In this article I will make it very easy for you to understand and guide you through the steps to making music in little alchemy.

Firstly, some people do not know what the game Little Alchemy is all about. Before we get into the steps for making music in Little Alchemy, let me explain what it is.

What is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a game centered around creativity and fun. It is a game where users are provided with some basic elements, including water, air, fire, and earth, among others. Using these elements provided to you, you can create virtually anything by combining them.

For example, when you mix water and wood, you get both. If you mix water and water, you get a puddle. Mixing fire with land makes lava, and so on.

Using just the four basic elements available in the game, you can make anything, ranging but not restricted to spaceships, music, astronauts, dinosaurs, life, virtually anything possible.

People familiar with the creative and addictive game Little Alchemy know how much fun it is to try to create new elements in the game and how happy you are when you finally get what you have been trying to create. Music is one thing that people find hard to make in little alchemy.

Little Alchemy can be played on both Android and iOS devices, as well as in your browser by going to their website,

In the next section, I will explain step-by-step the procedures for making music in Little Alchemy.

How to make music in Little Alchemy: Step by Step

Follow these steps before carefully to make music in little alchemy.

Step 1. Make Pond:

Mix water with water and get a puddle. Then mix puddle with another puddle and get a pond.

Step 2: Make Sea:

Mix pond with pond and get a lake. Then mix lake with another lake and get a sea.

Step 3: Make Primordial Soup

You will get a primordial soup by mixing sea with earth.

Step 4: Make Life

Mix fire with fire and get energy, and them mix energy with primordial soup and get life.

Step 5: Make Stone

Mix earth with fire and make lava, then mix lava with air and make stone.

Step 6: Make Mud

To make mud, mix water with earth.

Step 7: Make Human

In this step, you’ll make a human. You have to mix stone with mud to get clay, and then mix clay with life to make a human.

Step 8: Make Planet

To make planet, you have to first mix earth with earth to make a land, and them mix land with earth to make a continent. Then, mix continent with another continent and get a planet.

Step 9: Make Astronaut

To make astronaut, mix planet with planet and get a solar system. And then mix solar system with human and have an astronaut.

Step 10: Make Philosophy

Mix astronaut with another astronaut to make idea, and then mix idea with human and get philosophy.

Step 11: Make Big

To make big, you have to mix solar system with philosophy.

Step 12: Make Plant

Mix earth with life and get soil, then mix soil with life to make plant.

Step 13: Make Tool

In this step, mix stone with human to make a tool.

Step 14: Make Wood

To make wood, mix big with plant to make tree, and then mix tree with tool and get wood.

Step 15: Make Flute

To make flute, mix wood and air.

Step 16: Make Musician

Mix flute and human to make musician.

Step 17: Make Music

The final step to make music in little alchemy is to mix musician with flute. That will make music.

If you follow these steps above carefully, you’ll be able to make music in little alchemy and little alchemy 2.

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